“Battleship” is a movie worth seeing ONLY on the big screen.

 Battleship reviwe: a movie worth seeing ONLY on the big screenMy father has a saying about bad movies: “I’ll wait for when they’ll be available for 1 dollar”. It’s his way of saying he’ll rather wait for the “Netflix version”, than pay up to 7 to 15 times more to see them on a screen measuring dozens of inches in diagonal.

Well, I have another principle: the movies worth seeing at the cinema are the one that have the type of action which plants in you a completely different process when seen on a big screen than the ones present when you watch them on TV. “Battleship” is one of those movies.

“Battleship” is definitely a guys movie. The main character is a cliche of the American hero who, despite his relatively high intelligence, acts like a teenager that hasn’t got over the rebellion complex. The cliche line is completed by his blonde long-legged girlfriend, who seems that has just stepped down from the catwalk of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. And that seems to be her only quality. Sure, the creators of the movie have made up an excuse for her presence there, choosing for her a job that, honestly, she doesn’t seem to know anything about: physical therapist.

So, we have the cocky hero and the gorgeous blonde. We also have alien spaceships that make horrible noises and have thousands of lights, shoot supersmart bombs and are controlled by superior beings. However, the aliens seem to have one tiny weakness. And no, it’s not the blonde. They can look at her better than they can look at the sunlight…

Guy or not, there are several moments when you could jump from the comfy cinema chair yelling: “Yeah! Oh yeah, kick their asses!” You choose the team you cheer for!

Oh, and one other spicy detail: Rihanna plays in it and she does a pretty good job as a sweaty soldier!

Haven’t seen the trailer? Here it is: