It may not be fair but life tends to favor the first born children, according to a study led by CareerBuilder. The website has found out that not only do they benefit from more child-parent time, but they are also likely to earn more money and have a higher career spot.

First born children, favored by lifeIf you are a first born, don’t worry about your younger brothers being favored by your relatives, just because they are younger than you. Life has had a better plan for you. It turns out that, according to CareerBuilder surveys, first born kids have higher chances of getting a six-figure salary.

On the other hand, middle children have more chances of settling for a job that gets them around 35,000 dollars a year or less. Children that are born last are likely to work in middle management.

One psychological explanation resides in the fact that first born kids are expected to be more responsible. They often take part in the raising of their younger siblings and sometimes, they even share the responsibility for some acts that only the little ones did. Sometimes, the older kids tend to feel like they are not love enough and that there are some things in life that they have to face for themselves. This make them build a stronger personality throughout the years. Although this develops as a result of a childhood wound, it has the advantage of transforming the child into a leader, which continues into his career.

Michael Erwin, senior career adviser at CareerBuilder, explains that each position has its advantages. While the first born is born to be a leader, “the middle child tends to be more of the peacekeeper” and the last born “is more of the free spirit”.