American tech company Innovega invented the contact lenses that give superhuman vision. iOptik is the new thing when it comes to enhanced vision and the Pentagon has already demonstrated its interest in the product, Mashable reports.

iOptik, the contact lenses that give superhuman visionYou have probably heard by now of the supercool tech Google glasses that turn you, from a geek to … a cool geek. (Is that even possible?) With these futuristic-designed glasses you practically take with you on the street everything that the social networks can do: chat, set up meetings, photographing and video capturing. Nevertheless, wearing glasses is less discreet than wearing contact lenses.

Seattle-based company Innovega has designed iOptok, the ultimate eyewear. “Innovega’s new and natural interface comprises familiar, light-weight eyewear working with advanced contact lenses”, says a press release posted on the company’s official website. The iOptikTM architecture meets the demanding performance requirements of AR [Augmented Reality] by eiOptik, the contact lenses that give superhuman vision1liminating the focusing optics that tend to limit the field of view of displayed media. Innovega replaces them with micro- and nano-fabricated optical elements that are integrated into otherwise conventional contact lenses.”

Recently, the Pentagon has contacted Innovega in order to order supplies for a project involving the development of eye display screens similar to those you see in the robot movies.