Anderson Cooper admits he is gayTV personality Anderson Cooper admits he is gay, after years of speculation, the Associated Press reports. The news came out on Monday, when a journalist at The Daily beast published a letter from Cooper, revealing his reasons for keeping this quiet for such a long time.

“The fact is I’m gay”, said Anderson Cooper in a letter published on Monday by Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast. The TV show host decided to go public after realizing that hiding his sexual identity caused some people to think that he was ashamed.

Cooper explained he kept this information private for professional reasons. Moreover, he added that, being a very private person, he did not consider necessary to stand up and take proud in being counted as one of the gay community.

He puts an accent on today’s views – that “standing up and being counted” is regarded as a value.

The CNN journalist wrote that he hopes this information will not be the end to “small amount of personal space”.

CNN has not issued a statement after the letter of the “Anderson Cooper 360” host and is not planning on having him bring up the subject and “dissect” it on the air.