Rihanna and Chris Brown still seeing each otherWhat Rihanna and Chris Brown have is…it’s complicated. Even though Brown assaulted her in 2009 and she was believed to not want to have anything to do with him anymore, apparently they are seeing each other. The Barbadian beauty opened up about her feelings for the rapper on “Oprah’s Next Chapter”.

During an interview on “Oprah’s Next Chapter”, aired on Sunday night, singer Rihanna reveals she still has feelings for ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. After the news of him assaulting her, back in 2009, left him with no girlfriend and a restraining order, the two haven’t seen each other. But in February, when the restraining order was eased, they reconnected.

“We’ve been working on our friendship again”, said Rihanna during the interview, explaining that both still have feelings for each other. “We love each other, and we probably always will. And that’s not anything that we’re going to try to change. It’s not something you can shut off if you’ve ever been in love”. Moreover, Rihanna reveals she still has butterflies in her stomach when seeing her ex, but is trying to deal with those feelings on her own.

However, that doesn’t mean that they necessary that their romance will rebound in the future. Rihanna is still single, but Brown is in a relationship with Karrueche Tran.

To the critics who cannot understand why she is letting Brown back into her life, the singer says: “I have to move on. I have forgiven him.”