Justin Bieber got Justin Bieber got a new tattooa new tattoo, depicting an owl. The pop star has a considerable collection of tattoos already, however he decided to add to it as he recently posted a picture of a freshly gotten tattoo on his Instagram account.

Bieber posted on Sunday a pic of his forearm depicting the image of a black and gray owl sitting on a tree branch, although fans were expecting to see the face of his beloved Selena Gomez appear next on his body. The Instagram post had the title “Befo the paps get me”.

According to Huffington Post, this tattoo is the eighth the 18 year old pop star got so far as he is becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of going under the needle.

justin bieber owl tattooAlongside his recent owl, Bieber has a crown, placed on his chest on the right side, the title of his album “Believe” placed on his forearm, a praying hand on one of his legs, a Japanese Kanji symbol on his right arm, Jesus’ name in Hebrew on his ribcage, an image of Jesus on his left calf and the outline of a small bird on his left hip.

The pop star began his adventure in the world of tattoos two years ago. He got the first one to celebrate his 16th birthday and it was the little bird on his hip. With 8 tattoos in only two years Bieber is heading rapidly towards having a fully covered in ink body by the time he turns 30.