The adopted pet has become the latest Hollywood “must have”. If your heart beamed with joy at the news of Leann Rimes adopting the thrown out from a moving car puppy or of Denise Richards taking in the Hurricane Sandy rescued dog, then you are in for a treat as we review the world of ‘celebs and pets’.

It seems like the bandwagon everyone in Hollywood wants to get on these days is saving the life of a stray four-legged creature. The days when the dog walking beside you in the street had to have a flawless pedigree are history as celebrities rush to rescue animals from the shelters.

Adopted pet – the latest Hollywood "must have"The list of celebrities who found their furry friends among abandoned animals is long and we love it! Katherine Heigl created the “Hounds of Hope” foundation which rescues dogs and cats from kill shelters and finds them permanent homes, Sandra Bullock adopted two challenged little dogs, a two-legged one and a three-legged one, Betty White has been an animal lover her entire life and has adopted several pets over the years. And the list goes on and on, including many more names, such as: Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Swift or Oprah Winfrey.

The most recent episode of “Celebrity Pet Project” chats with more animal lovers and reveals an interesting brand new project. One of the biggest supporters of pet adoption is actress Mariel Hemingway, who talked to host Theo Von about her two dogs and the way they changed her life. They were pretty much her support team after her divorce, showing an extraordinary power of empathy, always knowing when to come and cuddle beside her, helping her through every rough moment. When asked if she ever experienced the feeling many pet adopters get that, even though they rescued the dog the animal ends up rescuing them, Hemingway answered: “Totally!”.

The actress’ experiences will be featured in an upcoming animal related book entitled “Letter To My Dog”, a compendium of letters from celebrity dog owners including Oprah Winfrey, Kelly Preston and Hilary Duff. The creators of the book, Kimi Culp and Lisa Erspamer, told Von that the book idea came to them when thinking about how much they wished they could tell their pets how they felt about them. Approaching celebrities went smoothly as many were quick to join the team and put their feelings in writing.