Demi Lovato gets tattooed by Kat Von DDemi Lovato adds to her ink collection and gets tattooed by Kat Von D. The “X Factor” judge couldn’t resist her tattoo addiction and tweeted recently a picture of a brand new one.

Lovato posted a picture of her new addition to an already pretty impressive ink collection on Sunday night, when she tweeted photos of both the new tattoo and of herself and the artist who did it, Kat Von D. She captioned her first picture with: “Thank you so much @thekatvond for my new ink!!” and showed her enthusiasm to have the new ink on for the second pic.

The new tattoo depicting 12 birds flying up her forearm was placed in between two older ones: the word “faith”, which Lovato got last year to remind her of a friend she made in rehab, and the wrist tattoo of the word “strong”. Just above the last flying bird she also carries the marking of a cross placed on the side of her hand.

Demi Lovato gets tattooed by Kat Von DIn an interview for MTV taken in March, the “X Factor” judge admitted it might be high time she stopped adding to her collection of permanent ink-on-skin as she is rapidly growing out of areas to get tattooed. She wasn’t sure if she was under the needle 9 or 10 times. The musician revealed she regretted getting some of her ink art, namely the imprint of her friend’s lips on her arm and the feather behind her ear, which she got in the back of a tour bus. Lovato even talked about the possibility of having her body art removed at some point in the future.