The premiere of Tom Cruise’s film “Jack Reacher” was postponed. According to Access Hollywood, the decision was made out of respect for the Newtown school shooting’s victims and their families.

Tom Cruise’s film premiere postponed The premiere of Tom Cruise’s newest movie, “Jack Reacher”, was initially scheduled to take place in Pittsburg on Saturday, December the 15th. However, Paramount Pictures, the studio producing the action film, revealed in a recent statement that “due to the terrible tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, and out of honor and respect for the families of the victims whose lives were senselessly taken” the premiere was cancelled for the time being. The announcement was made on Friday night, late in the evening.

The film would have premiered initially only one day after 20 children and 6 adults were murdered in a Connecticut elementary school. Adam Lanza had allegedly entered several classrooms and opened fire. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Jack Reacher” opens with a scene depicting a sniper who shoots what seem to be five random people.

In the movie, Cruise embodies an ex-military investigator set on a quest to prove the innocence of a soldier wrongfully charged with murder. Jack Reacher, Tom’s character, aims to prove the soldier was framed for the deadly shooting.

For the moment, no new date for the premiere has been released. The movie is scheduled to premiere in cinemas on December 21st. The movie has been rated as PG-13 mostly due to its violent scenes.

Several television networks such as SyFy and Fox announced postponing airing violent episodes of some of their on going series, out of respect for the victims of the tragic Connecticut shooting.