The Kardashian LA home was targeted by a fake 911 call. According to Associated Press reports, the Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials are on the lookout for who called 911 and reported an emergency taking place at the Malibu Kardashian residence.


Kardashian LA home targeted by fake 911 call


Even though no official statements in this regard had been made, it is possible that the TV stars were victims of “swatting”, a hoax intended to get police officers, including SWAT teams, to arrive at a home without proper cause.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore stated on Sunday that it was too soon to have a definitive official position concerning the swatting matter. The officials descended to the Kardashian former residence in Malibu on Friday, following a 911 distress call. Upon finding the house empty, they proceeded to the TV stars’ current home about 20 miles away in Hidden Hills. Whitmore said the officers found no evidence of a crime having been committed and no arrests were made.

Kim Kardashian was away from the Hidden Hills residence at the time of the police descent but followed up the event on Twitter where she wrote “These prank calls are NOT funny!,” after receiving a call from her mother saying she had 15 officers at her doorstep.

For the time being “swatting” is not considered a felony but Whitmore told the press that the sheriff’s officials alongside other California law enforcement agencies are lobbying to get it qualified as such. “What we want to do is have the legislature turn up the heat on these people. This is a serious, serious crime,” he explained. In some cases, the hoaxers used technology that enabled them to make the 911 calls appear as if they had been made from inside the targeted residences.

Several other cases of “swatting” took place recently. Only last week police descended to Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills house due to a false report claiming an armed robbery was taking place. Last year, in December, a boy was arrested after making false reports concerning violence at Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher’s homes.