This year, Amazon beat Apple, becoming the most trusted company in the US. According to the report presented by Harris Interactive, Amazon ranked in the top five of all the areas comprised in the survey.

In the past year, amazon has managed to leapfrog other companies that take pride in their huge reputation among the Americans. The company’s policies led to a first place landing in a survey by Harris Interactive that measured the reputation of the 60 most visible US companies in the eyes of their customers.

Amazon beats Apple, becoming US most trusted companyHarris Interactive’s survey included six areas:

  • Social responsibility
  • Emotional appeal
  • Financial performance
  • Products and services
  • Vision and leadership
  • Workplace environment

Amazon, which keeps in touch with its customers only virtually, obtained the highest scores in all the trust-related sections. Half of the 14,000 respondents that were part of the study mentioned that they have talked about Amazon with their friends and family and the conversations were generally positive.

The total score of Amazon this year was 82.62.

Apple, the company that topped the same survey last year, with a score of 85.62 – the highest ever recorded – pulled out 82.54 in 2013, thus leaving the front spot to Amazon by only 0.08 percent.

The Top 10 Most trusted Companies in the US includes:

1. Amazon

2. Apple

3. Disney

4. Google

5. Johnson & Johnson

6. Coca-Cola

7. Whole market Foods

8. Sony

9. Procter & Gamble

10. Cosco

11. Samsung

12. Kraft Foods

13. USAA

14. Nike

15. Microsoft

16. The Home Depot

17. Lowe’s

18. Berkshire Hathaway

19. Toyota

20. Ford

21. Starbucks

22. Target

23. PepsiCo

24. Macy’s

25. Honda

26. Dell

27. Hyundai

28. IBM

29. General Electric

30. McDonald’s

Other companies present in the study are JCPenney, AT&T, Walmart, Best Buy, Facebook (new entry), Bank of America, Citigroup and more.