Are Russell Crowe and Samantha Barks an item?Are Russell Crowe and Samantha Barks an item? That is the question that sparked after the two actors, both starring in “Les Misérables”, were photographed at the Oscars night being very friendly with each other. The photographers caught a very cozy and romantic flow between them. So is it true or not?

On Monday, Russell Crowe addressed the rumors regarding him having a thing with Samantha Barks. The 48-year-old actor wrote on his Twitter page: “apparently we are an item according to Aussie magazines…sorry about that Sammi”. That’s very confusing. Is he sorry because such speculations started, or is he sorry because their cover was blown?

Nevertheless, “Sammi” and Crowe are clearly friends, to say the least. The two have worked together at “Les Misérables”, they have been photographed at the Oscars being very close, they exchanged propositions of working put together and they play music together. Barks mentioned in an interview in January that she performs with Russell Crowe’s band every now and then.

Russell Crowe separated from his wife, Danielle Spencer, in October. The two were married for nine years and have two children – one 9-year-old and one 6-year-old.

Since the split, Crowe has been romantically linked to Dita von Teese and Natalie Imbruglia. Both presumed flings have been denied. “Friends, not lovers”, Crowe explained on Twitter about him and Dita, 40. “I am not having an affair with nor am I dating Natalie Imbruglia”, he said of his friend of many years, thus shutting down any speculation.

If he would be as direct in regard to his relationship with Barks, we’d be less confused…but we’d probably have nothing to write about!