On Earth Day 2013, celebrated on April 22, Google created an interactive doodle which allows users to control the weather in an adorable mini landscape, populated by fish, ants, birds and more. Check it out!

Today, Google is celebrating Earth Day through a nature-inspired doodle. The little piece of land is covered in green lawns and mountains with white peaks, from which a river comes down flowing and creating a pond where fish swim. Bright yellow dandelions shaped like a “G” are resting on a hill, while at the other end of the island, the river makes and “e” and then takes the shape of a water drop, hanging from the corner of the land.

After each night, the sun comes up again, bringing a news season. And if you’re patient enough, you’ll see the nature cycling through summer, fall, winter, spring again and so on.

Doodler Leon Hong says: “Today we are celebrating Earth Day with an interactive doodle that captures a slice of nature’s subtle wonders.”


Google celebrates Earth Day 2013 with interactive doodle


The Earth Day 2013 doodle offers you a whole list of experiences:

• Observing seasons – fall, spring, summer, winter

• Watching the sky – full moon, half moon, crescent moon, gibbous moon

• Find animals – ants, badger, bears, birds, fireflies, fish

• Experience weather – rain, wind, snow

• Blow dandelions

• Grow a tree

• Freeze the lake

Check them all out!