Ivanka Trump: “Motherhood, far more difficult that office work”In a recent interview to Redbook magazine, Ivanka Trump says that motherhood is “far more difficult” that office work. The famous daughter of business mogul Donald Trump has a 20-month-old daughter at home and, while juggling familial and professional aspects of her life, she admits that she handles work in a more relaxed manner than she manages to do with her baby.

A typical day for Ivanka Trump includes about 16 hours dedicated to her job. The blonde leggy business woman oversees development and acquisitions for her father’s real estate company and, above all that, she manages her fashion and lifestyle brand.

As she admits in the upcoming issue of Redbook, leaving her daughter, Arabella, every morning, to go to work is “sad”, but “it’s important for me to continue what I’m doing. It’s fulfilling to me, and I think it makes me a better mom when I’m home.”

You mi9ght expect that she would be exhausted after 16 hours at the office, but Ivanka reveals the true energy challenge is waiting for her at home. “When I’m with Arabella on the weekends, I’m much more exhausted on Monday morning than I am on Friday nights.” That’s why the “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” co-host explains that the “working mom” expression is nonsense: “I think the expression ‘working’ versus ‘non-working’ implies that a mother who stays home doesn’t work. It’s far more difficult than anything I do in the office”, she concluded.

The full Ivanka Trump interview can be found in Redbook’s new issue, on newsstands starting April 9.