Later this month, Sony will release its Ultra HD LED TVs with a much lower price tag, CNET reports. Instead of paying $25,000 for an 84-inch 4K TV, you’ll take $ 7,000 and less out of your pocket.

On April 7, the IT giant announced that two new TV sets will be available for order starting April 21 for a much lower price than originally announced. The 55-inch XBR-55X900A 4K Ultra HD LED TV will be priced at $4,999. The 65-inch XBR-65X900A model will sell for $6,999.

The two sets have been displayed for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and are currently available for demonstrations at Sony stores in Palo Alto, Century City, Costa Mesa, New York, Las Vegas and Houston.

According to Mike Lucas, senior vice president of Sony’s Electronics Home Division, these TV sets “are sure to bring the enhanced viewing experience of 4K TV to a whole new audience.”


Sony reveals new prices for Ultra HD LED TVs


Compared to the regular HD TV, the 4K TV has four times the number of pixels. The label “4K” refers to the number of pixels across the width. At this time, there is very little video content that is compatible with the 4K performance.

Used extensively in the cinema, the 4K resolution, also known as UHD (Ultra High Definition), doesn’t justify its price through its high performance, as it isn’t necessary visible, CNET’s Geoffrey Morrison says. “You don’t need it, and probably never will”, he says, as the ultra-detailed images can only be seen from a very close distance to the screen.

The first 4K TV was sold in the United States in November last year. Unexpectedly, it wasn’t a Sony, but LG’s 84EM9600.