Here are some basic tips on how to keep your skin silky all summer:

How to reduce pain and swelling – to avoid sunburn all you need is two aspirin and a bowl of milk. Pain and swelling can be “attacked” from the inside, by taking anti-inflammatory treatment (such as aspirin, or ibuprofen) and from the outside, by applying milk-soaked compresses. For almost instant results, use ice-cold milk.

How to keep away mosquitos – daily intake of vitamin B12 keeps the bug bites away, doctors say. Constant use of vitamin B12 supplements, studies show, causes a certain skin smell that repels mosquitoes. And don’t worry, only they can smell it.


How to keep your skin silky all summer


How to prevent back acne – one of the reasons for back acne is that the shower gel and, especially, the shampoo are rich on hydrating oils, which nourish the scalp, the hair and the skin, but are certainly not good as “leave-in” treatments. This is why you should pay special attention to the rinse process. Make sure your skin and hair are properly rinsed before you get out of the shower.

How to stop the T-zone shine – the T-zone is known for its overactive oil glands that make your face shine in midday. This is actually the root of the cliché line: “I’m going to the ladies room to powder my nose”. Abandon the cliché and the behavior by applying a retinol treatment on your T-zone every night. In time, the oil glands will slow down the secretion.