The original Schindler’s list is currently auctioned on eBay starting at $3 mil. The auction closes on July 28.

On Thursday night, one Schindler’s list has been put up for sale on eBay. The starting price was set to $3 million. The item, titled “Original Schindler’s List from Family of Itzhak Stern Dated April 18, 1945”, can be viewed in detail. The presentation includes several photos of the list in which there are 811 names.

Oskar Schindler, a businessman of German origin, also a Nazi, was managing a number of factories in Poland, manufacturing pans and pots during the World War II. The workers, all Jewish, were prisoners. In order to save them – there were about 1200 laborers – Schindler built a factory in Brunnlitz (what is now the Czech Republic) and convinced his superiors that these prisoners were needed for the new production unit. Their names were all included on a list which became known as Schindler’s list.

The list currently auctioned on eBay is one of the seven lists created by Schindler between 1994 and 1945. Of them, only four are still circulating.

The seller, Eric Gazin, of Auction Cause, guarantees the authenticity of the document, which was typed on April 18, 1945.


Schindler’s list, auctioned on eBay, starting at $3 mil.