Here is the Top 5 Best Tablets you can buy, for yourself, or as a gift. These are the top holiday picks, according to

1. Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display – this new tablet is a miniaturized version of the iPad Air, which keeps the complete set of features, such as an A7 processor, improved Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, long lasting battery life. It is smaller, more compact, without sacrificing something significant. The downside would be the price, starting at $399 and the fact that, unlike the latest iPhone, it doesn’t sport the fingerprint sensor.

Top 5 Best Tablets


2. Apple iPad Air – it is considered the best full size tablet on the market, very similar to the model released last year, but with improved video chatting and overall performance. Lighter than other tablets, it features a better front-facing camera, improving the look on FaceTiming. However, the high price drags a minus, in comparison to the competitors. The price starts at $499 for 16GB.


3. Google Nexus 7 – with a starting price at only $299, this tablet features the latest Android version, has a full HD bright screen, smooth performance and a battery life that would satisfy any consumer. Even though Android 4.3 doesn’t have many interface improvements and the device lacks microSD support, it is still considered one of the best choices, considering the price.


4. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 – the starting price is $379. Considering it has 16GB and there is not built-in storage expansion, plus many apps are not available as it has no Google Play access, you may be tempted to pass. But The Mayday feature gives personal and near-instant customer service. And the browsing speed is amazing. This is “Amazon’s best tablet yet”, according to CNET.


5. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 – it is almost as good as Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. It lacks the back camera, plus it has the same disadvantages when compared to the competition. But the price is also shrunk – $229.