Britney Spears took a break from her show in Las Vegas to present her lingerie line at the NY Fashion Week. The singer put together an elegant soiree, with classical piano music, chocolates branded in her name and exquisite sleepwear.


Britney Spears presents lingerie line at NY Fashion Week


Wearing a red Rhea Costa jumpsuit, matched with silver earrings, 32-year-old Britney Spears made her debut as a lingerie designer at the New York Fashion Week. Just before her show, the “Piece of Me” singer tweeted: “Wish me luck everyone! It’s fashion show time! 🙂 About to jump on stage.”

Spears’ line includes, besides sleepwear, sexy bras and racy garters. Most pieces look similar to what Britney wears onstage. The luxurious fabrics include lace, satin and silk. The line is available for “all women, of all sizes, all types”, on the singer’s official website. Prices are very accessible, ranging from $17 to $79.

As for the inspiration for her creations, Britney told Glamour magazine that she visited a vintage lingerie boutique in Europe, ten years ago. “Everything in there was very different and very electric and beautiful”, she said. Since that moment, she always wanted to develop a similar project and, after two years of hard work, she finally saw her dream turn to reality. “It’s something that’s been on my mind for a really long time now, so to be able to put it together and have my dream come true is really amazing.”