New curvy, tall and petite Barbie dollsOn Thursday, Mattel announced a new line of Barbie dolls, donning petite, tall and curvy silhouettes, a change so dramatic, that no other doll manufacturer has ever done before. An extended article on the new collection was featured on Time magazine under the headline “Now can we stop talking about my body?”

What a creative, positive and inspiring way to combat all the dashing about the body of the most popular doll in the world! After being criticized for years that it sets an impossible standard for little girls and promotes an unhealthy lifestyle, due to her silhouette, Barbie comes now in more shapes and sizes.

“We have to let girls know it doesn’t matter what shape you come in, that anything is possible”, says director of consumer insights for the doll line Tania Missad. As Barbie evolves, girls can now relate more to the doll – that doll that looks more like them.

The new line comes in four sizes, seven skin tones and no less than 22 eye colors! 33 new dolls will be available in stores.

This groundbreaking move, however, is not the first (and will probably not be the last). Just last year, Mattel launched a new line of body types, that can move bend their ankles, so that dolls can wear both heels and flats.

„This is what our future looks like, because this is what the world looks like”, says senior director of product design Robert Best, leaving you wonder what other aspects will be evolving in Barbie’s world.

The new curvy, tall and petite Barbie dolls are now available for pre-order at $9.99, on the official Barbie website.