Halloween is coming in less than a week and the most searched for costumes in 2016 so far include both new entries and old school characters.


Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn Photo: Instagram / JamesthePhotog

Halloween: the most searched for costumes in 2016 – Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn tops the list
Photo: Instagram / JamesthePhotog


According to a Google top 5 searched Halloween costumes for this year, so far, the list includes villains as much as heroes. There is also a mix between the classics and the new costume ideas. Here is what we are looking at in 2016:

Harley Quinn – this supervillain is the most searched for costume this year. Both sexy and evil, she is the accomplice and lover of Joker, another ultrapopular villain featured in Batman series. The modern version of Quinn comes from the 2016 film Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn costumes have broken the internet in japan, Geek.com reports. You can find the costume on Halloweencostumes.com at the price of $60.

Joker – there is a certain hypnotic attraction for villains that are insane. Joker, the eccentric mad man that opposes Batman, one of the most popular heroes of all times. Suicide Squad Joker costume can be found on PartyCity.com at $49.99.

Superheroes – when it comes to huperheroes, the top preferences gravitate around the characters in the Avengers franchise: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. On SpiritHalloween.com you find both adult and children costumes from The Avengers, with prices ranging from $25 to $60.

Pirates – villains of the sea, the pirates have always made trendy Halloween costumes, for both women and men. Check out some of the pirate costumes at BuyCostumes.com. Prices per accessory starts at $ 0.99 and per costume, at $13.99.

Wonder Woman – There is nothing sexier than to save the world wearing high heels! On Yandy.com, we have found a diversity of Wonder Woman costumes, for different silhouettes and tastes. The prices are between $23 and $151.