Justin Bieber has had about enough of screaming fans. Videos on his performance last night in Manchester show him as he walks off the stage in Manchester after he drops the microphone.

It’s hard to reason to a crowd. Especially if the crowd is tens of thousands of fans and you are onstage. Justin Bieber who is, on the one hand a huge pop star, but, on the other, just human, has reached the end of his patience with his British fans yesterday night, during a tour performance in Manchester.

During a break between songs, Bieber tried to reason with the crowd to stop screaming. “I appreciate all the support, I appreciate the love I appreciate the kind things”, started Bieber. “But the screaming in these breaks has got to stop. Please and thank you”. He then explained he doesn’t see it necessary for them to scream when he is trying to speak. But hey, reasoning with an exalted crown didn’t really work. So Bieber did the ultimate gesture: he dropped the mike and walked off the stage.


Justin Bieber coming back onstage, in Manchester

Justin Bieber coming back onstage, in Manchester


Beliebers did not take his gesture well and some of them booed him, BBC reports.

The pop star came back on stage minutes later, as the crowd lowered the screaming volume. While putting his headset on again, Bieber said: “I hope you came here tonight to enjoy my company as much as I enjoy your company.” He then went on saying that he wanted to make a real connection with his audience. “My point of the no screaming is so that when I’m looking you in the eyes I can actually know that we’re having a moment, we’re having a connection.”

Bieber has been struggling with “having a connection” with his fans in the United Kingdom before.  During the Purpose tour, which started on March 9 in the United States. Last week in Birmingham, he lashed out at the crown saying “take a chill pill” because the screaming was “too obnoxious”.

And it’s not over. Today, October 24, Justin Bieber will be performing in Birmingham again, at the Genting Arena.