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Oktoberfest 2016: sneak peek at celebrities

Oktoberfest, the biggest beer fair on the globe, has drawn together celebrities and ordinary people counting up to 6 million this year. In 2016, the bash held every year in Munich, started on September 17 and will last until October 3rd. Here’s a sneak peek at some celebrity snapshots partying at Oktoberfest this year.

Justin Bieber seems to be enjoying his draught. The pop star was in town for his Purpose World Tour.


Source: Yahoo

Source: Yahoo


Oliver Stone, Shailene Woodley, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt – the trio stopped for beer, while in Munich for the premiere of their movie, Snowden. The movie director and the two co-stars were photographed when they had just grabbed a beer. Woodley dressed for the occasion. The 24-year-old Golden Globe nominee shined in a German-style dress, traditionally called a “dirndl”, that was designed to impress.


Source: Yahoo

Source: Yahoo


Kevin Spacey looks very welcoming in this photo. You could swear that if you were there, he would invite you to have a seat and grab a beer.

Spacey is wearing a traditional German vest for the occasion.




Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival. It is a major festivity in the Bavarian culture having been celebrated since 1810. During the fair, lasting from mid-September until the first weekend of October, people drink traditional beer and eat several types of food, mostly meat. The traditional menu includes roast pork, roast chicken, grilled ham, grilled fish, sausages, potato and bread dumplings, pretzels, potato pancakes and something called “white sausages” and a delicacy called Obatzda (a spicy cheese spread).

Aside from the mouthwatering street food, Oktoberfest also presents loads of entertainment, from amusement rides to sidestalls and games.