Shailene Woodley has documented the case on her Facebook page Photo: Facebook

Shailene Woodley has documented the case on her Facebook page
Photo: Facebook

Actress Shailene Woodley pleads not guilty to all the charges that have been brought to her in the North Dakota riot, ET reports. The Morton County court officials have also stated that according to the plea, the actress will be absent from all future proceedings in the case.

Woodley will be represented in the trial by her attorney only, according to the not guilty plea that she has filed. The 24-year-old Snowden actress has pleaded not guilty to all charges, which included criminal trespassing and engaging in a riot, Morton County court representatives say. She was arrested last week, in North Dakota, during a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The case became famous after a judge in federal court failed to stop the construction of a 1,100-mile-long pipe. The case was filed by representatives of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The pipe will go across North and South Dakora, into the Missouri River. Its construction was evaluated at 43.8 billion. And, you may have guessed it, it is an oil pipe.

Prior to her arrest, Woodley documented the protest on her Facebook page. It was what she called “a peaceful protest”. One of the videos was of her own arrest.

Last month, Shailene Woodley showed up on the premiere of Snowden alongside a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. When asked about it, she answered: “They are trying to protect clean water, not just for indigenous communities, but for all communities around the world.

Woodley is one of the few pro-active celebrities. As she puts it, “most people [in Hollywood] are so privileged, they don’t see the 99 percent of America because they don’t have to.”

Despite the riot police breaking-up the protests and arresting a number of people, the subject is still in public eye and Woodley is doing her part in keeping it that way. Her latest Instagram photo show a beautiful view of the river, on which there are a few boats of the Sioux tribe.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram