Surface Studio, the latest invention by Microsoft, is available now for pre-order, Reuters reports. The device was presented yesterday at the Windows 10 event.

On Wednesday, during the Windows 10 event held in Manhattan, New York City, Corporate VP for Panos Panay unveiled Microsoft’s new computer, meant to revolutionize the way we create digital products. Surface Studio was created “to turn your desk into a studio”, allowing you to experience “a new way to create, a new way to produce”, said Panay.


Surface Studio Photo: Microsoft

Surface Studio
Photo: Microsoft


The device is an all-in-one personal computer that has an ultra HD 4.5K display with touchscreen, which measures 28-inch in diagonal. The display measures 12.5 mm in thickness, making it the slimmest LCD built so far. It also offers 63% more clarity, compared to a 4K TV, having 13.5 million pixels.

Surface Studio can be used with simple touch, the Surface pen or the Surface Dial device, which was also presented at the Manhattan event. The user has to place Surface Dial on the screen to trigger the appearance of a series of tools.

Surface Studio’s display can be adjusted.

The tech giant is selling Surface board starting now. At the moment, it is available for pre-order, at the price of $2,999. Microsoft is planning on selling a limited quantity in what is left of 2016, so if you want your Surface Studio this holiday season, you should not waste any time. For those who are not in a rush of experimenting the latest in the tech sector, the company will ensure a broader availability starting 2017.

Pre-order your own Surface Studio here.

Aside from Surface Studio, Microsoft also presented three upcoming Surface Books, each offering twice the graphics processing power as the original Surface Book. They are priced at $2,399 and are also available for pre-order.