Here is how LinkedIn now helps you earn more money: though unrelated, at a first glance, a new feature introduced by the professional network offers you key-information on the money you could earn for your work: LinkedIn Salary



Caption from Linkedin Salary


LinkedIn has just enabled a new feature, which shows you how much money other people in a similar work position as you make. You can compare your salary with theirs and yes, you can ask for a raise if you see a considerable difference in the salary package. Of course, there are some variables that play a role in payckeck level, aside from the position you hold in a company. The other variables are common sense ones, like experience, location and education level.

A first step into the direction of developing the Salary feature was made earlier this year, when the network asked their 460 million members to divulge their salaries anonymously. As a result, LinkedIn has collected salary data from more than one million people.

Linkedin Product manager Ryan Sandler tells CNet that their aim is to provide users with a more tailored-to-their-needs information so that they could earn more. “There are options our members can potentially take to make more money, whether it is finding a new job, getting another degree, learning new skills or even relocating”, Sandler explained.

The Salary feature is very easy to use. You can enter your salary and then compare it on a common scale with those of their peers. Some differences do not come from the difference in education level, experience or cost of living in a certain place. “It’s more of a supply and demand and need”, Sandler said.

LinkedIn Salary currently available for users in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. However, it will be available worldwide at the beginning of next year.


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