Actress Alyssa Milano has started making soap about a month ago, after finding an online recipe. Since then, she has been making so much soap, as we see in her Instagram photos, that she is definitely an expert now.


Alyssa Milano has found a new hobby: making soap. Photo:  Luigi Novi

Alyssa Milano has found a new hobby: making soap.
Photo: Luigi Novi

As she puts it, it is Alyssa Milano’s new obsession: homemade organic soap, in all shapes, colors and with all sorts of added decorations. It all began with web browsing.

“I saw this recipe online for making organic glycerine soap for my kids, and I’d suspend little toys in it, and that’s how I started”, she told Yahoo!

A month ago, the 43-year-old mother of two – 5-year-old son Milo and 2-year-old daughter Elizabella – made a whole tray of various soap pieces for her kids and their classmates, “scented with tea tree oil to kill whatever cooties they have going on”.


Since then, Milano has posted numerous photos of her handmade creations, containing chamomile, honey, loofah and more. Take a peak!

Chamomile, honey, loofah, soap on a rope. #soapporn #handmade #soapcreation #meltandpour

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New soap creation. #soapporn #meltandpour #soap #handmade

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And she is recently working on Christmas-inspired soap. She has made these just two days ago. What do you think?

Starting to make Christmas soaps! #soapshare #soapporn #soap #handmade #meltandpour #artisansoap

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Would you try this at home? If so, here is a simple quick recipe for handmade organic glycerin soap, Alyssa Milano-style:

Ingredients: glycerin blocks, soap molds (you can find both in craft stores), essential oils, rubbing alcohol.

  1. Put the glycerin blocks in a recipient that can be placed in the microwave. Melt the blocks (it usually takes 30 seconds)
  2. Take the recipient out of the microwave and add the essential oils. Mix it together. You don’t need more than 2 drops of essential oil, as it is concentrated.
  3. Place de molds on a flat surface. Spray and sub the interior of the molds with alcohol. Pour the glycerin-oil mix. If it took you too long and the mix became creamy, put it back into the microwave for a few more seconds, until it becomes liquid, then pour it into the molds.
  4. Optional – place pieces of loofah, chamomile, rose buds or other plants that you would like to see or find in your soap.
  5. After you have poured the mix into the molds, spray with alcohol one last time.
  6. Let the soap cool – for at least a couple of hours – the pop them out.