Pop star Justin Bieber is currently single and tells Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show that he wants to stay that way. The 22-year-old broke-up up, earlier this year, with model Sofia Ritchie, the daughter of singer Lionel Richie.


Justin Bieber on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, on December 5, 2016

Justin Bieber on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, on December 5, 2016


On December 5, Ellen DeGeneres had Justin Bieber as a guest on her show. The comedian began by telling Bieber that it was his 26th appearance on her talk show and showed, on the screen behind them, some photos from Bieber’s first appearances, in which he wasn’t even a teenager yet.

After recalling the most memorable moments on Ellen DeGeneres Show, among which Bieber’s gift on his 18th birthday from Ellen – a car, the time when Madonna was “hitting on him”, and the time when he released his latest album, Purpose, Ellen went straight to his relationship status.

“I’ll get right to it: who are you dating?” DeGeneres asked.

“I’m not dating anybody”, came Bieber’s answer. Confirming that he was single, to the delight of the vocal ladies in the audience.

But what came next, wasn’t as attractive. Bieber continued: “I’m not really looking, either.”. So, ladies, he’s not emotionally involved, but not emotionally available, either.

Ellen proceeded to ask him about other ways he might hook up. She asked him if, when on a tour, he ever goes on Tinder.

“No”, Justin responded, adding that he has never used that app, not other dating app. Ever. And he continued by saying he is not even curious to try.

Ellen got the message. He is “in a good place”, he doesn’t need to date and he is “healthier than [she] has ever seen him.”

“I feel strong”, the singer confirms.

When on tour, Justin admits that it does get lonely. He brings his dog with him so that homesickness becomes more bearable.

Bieber has recently finished his Purpose tour, which included over 100 concerts. He will be off again, though, for some shows in Australia. In December, though, he is starting a stadium tour in North America. Tickets start selling on December 9.