Where to begin? Madonna had an incredible performance at the Art Basel Miami Beach. During the performance, aiming to raise money for charity, the pop icon criticized constantly newly-elected president Donald Trump, kissed Ariana Grande and let Sean Penn handcuff her. She did what?! And that’s not all!

Madonna, dressed as a sexy gmal clown, during her performance at Art Basel Miami Beach. Photo: FilmMagic

Madonna, dressed as a sexy glam clown, during her performance at Art Basel Miami Beach.
Photo: FilmMagic

Madonna’s aim, with the performance at the Art Basel Miami Beach – a contemporary art fair – was to raise as much money as possible for the African nation of Malawi. The cause holds a dear place in her heart, as the singer adopted son David, 11, from an orphanage in Malawi, when he was just a baby.

Madonna performed in an outstanding glam clown outfit, featuring pink sequined top with white ruffles, black and white striped stockings, a pink wig and a small black clown hat. She made quite a number of scandalous things, for the sake of the show, but also to help raise money. She also brought some of her own stuff to sell, such as a black costume she wore on her tour and old photos from her wedding to actor Sean Penn, taken in 1985, in black and white.

Madonna was not shy to kiss Grande, or to let Penn handcuff her and crawl through her legs. “For once, he’s not the one being arrested”, the singer joked about her 56-year-old former husband, who, aside from winning Academy Awards, he’s also been in trouble with the law.

During the performance, she criticized Trump several times. In video below, Madonna starts the song by making “a correlation between Britney Spears and Donald Trump”.



Madonna’s one-hour long performance was part of a night-long party, which lasted from Friday evening, until the early hours of Saturday morning. Her audience included famous names in Hollywood, like Leonardo DiCaprio, A-Rod, Chris Rock, James Corden and Dave Chapelle. At the end of the party, $7.5 million were raised for the cause.