Eva Amurri Martino believes she might suffer from PTSD.
Photo: Getty Images

In her recent blog post, actress Eva Amurri shares her worries that she does not feel “normal”. The daughter of Hollywood star Susan Sarandon reveals she has been struggling with what she believes is post-traumatic stress disorder and this, on top of postpartum depression.

31-year-old Eva Amurri is a happily-married woman, mother of two kids and lifestyle blogger – this aside from her acting career. She married soccer commentator Kyle Martino in 2011 and had daughter Marlowe May in August 2014 and son Major in October 2016. She has always described herself as a truly positive person, which is why her latest blog post is as candid as it is worrisome.

In it, she shares the horrific story of her baby Major, then almost 6-weeks-old ending up in the ER in early December, after the family’s night nurse dropped him and, as a result, he had his skull cracked open.

After sharing the details of that nightmarish accident, the actress shares that she believes she might have post-traumatic stress disorder, on top of a postpartum depression. “I was only three weeks postpartum when my husband fell off the roof of our house while cleaning the gutters”, she writes, adding: “Just two weeks later was when Major had his accident.”

Amurri says that she has not been diagnosed by a doctor. “But I know that the way I’m feeling, though understandable and human, is not normal”. She adds that she plans to see a therapist in order to work on her problems and “feel better” that she currently does. She writes that she will be taking the next couple of days off to focus on her recovery. She believes that the challenges that she had to go through in the past weeks “have shown me the depths of my strength, and that handling my shortcomings gracefully will make me grow as a woman and as a Mom”.