EA has recently released the trailer for The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack, which will be available for purchase starting January 24.  Ready to get petrified by those “ice-cold hearts” and “those hellish eyes”?

The one-minute-long trailer features different types of vampires that bite human Sims, turn into bats, use dark powers on their victims and, of course, hide from sunlight. The trailer also shows new hairdos, clothes, furniture and such, but probably the most terrifying details are the iconic vampire fangs and the “hellish eyes”.


Here is, in detail, what to expect from The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack


A new world – called Forgotten Hollow, this world has the longest nights you have ever experienced in the game. It looks rather creepy, always foggy, featuring old buildings that bear centuries of history and also a few secrets. The world has five lots and a plaza in the center, in which rests the statue of vampire Vlad, the Forgotten Hollow founder.

Vampires – in Sims 4 vampires come in two forms: either regular, or dark. They have their own particular walk style, fangs and bright eyes of different colors. They can gain weaknesses and powers that can add to their experience as vampires. As they gain powers, the vampires can use them on other sims and they can take different forms. Vampires’ needs are different than those of regular sims. You can keep a vampire in good shape through Powers, Plasma and sleep.

Plasma – it is vampires’ delicacy. It comes in liquid form, that they drink. Plasma can be obtained by ordering Plasma Packs through the computer, or grow Plasma Fruit. A creepier option – but more traditional, in the true vampire style – is to suck the plasma right from other Sims, by creeping up on them when they least suspect it.

Body features and clothes – the new options include different kind of glowing eyes, pale skin tones and overdramatic eyebrows, and a whole new wardrobe, suited for Sims who like to look royal .

ObjectsEA doesn’t reveal too much on what decorations and furniture the Sims 4 Vampires pack will contain, but they do share photos in which you can guess the new objects that will be available for interior decoration and furniture. There will be coffin beds and a pipe organ, which increases the Sims’ skills.


A sneak peek into the world from the upcoming Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack.
Photo: courtesy of EA


Vampire genetics – here’s the fun part: a Sim can be born a vampire, but whether or not he has inherited the genetics that make him undead, remains a mystery until he becomes a teenager. It is then that it will be revealed if he will continue to age an lead a normal Sim life, or if he has inherited the ice-cold heart of his ancestors and will enjoy the everlasting night. If a vampire, he will stop aging when a teenager. But you can help him turn into an adult by getting him a birthday cake and get him to blow the candles on it.

USE WITH CAUTION – the rays of sun are too cruel for the soft vampire skin. It takes little time for them to burst into flames.