After a break that lasted since 2015, Lady Antebellum is back with a new single and an upcoming tour.


Lady Antebellum has released a new single


The three members of the music band Landy Antebellum have announced a break in 2015 and for a while, they had gone their separate ways, making each their own music, landing separate gigs and working on personal projects. They reunited last year and since then, they have spent a significant amount of their time in the studio, working on new music.

“We lived together for two months, pretty much”, lead singer Hillary Scott told CBS adding that half the time they were in Florida and the other half in Los Angeles. They seem to have enjoyed being together 24/7, as Charles Kelley described it as “adult summer camp”. Dave Haywood did most of the cooking.  “And all kinds of craft cocktails”, he added.

The trio reveals that most of the creative work they had done while in Florida. “I think we wrote half the record — the majority of half the record — in three or four days when we were down in Florida”, said Kelley. “Nine songs in four days”, concluded Scott.

On Thursday, their new single was released. “You Look Good” is part of their upcoming album, “Heart Break”, which will be released on June 9. This would be their first album since “747”, in 2014.

Lady Antebellum will start world touring in May. Their first performance will be in Bakersfield, California. The tour includes performances in North America, Europe and South Africa.

A cute detail? All three musicians will be touring together with their kids, all aged between 1 and 3.

While waiting to see them perform live, here is their latest single, “You Look Good”.