Journalist and television personality Megyn Kelly announced on Tuesday that she will be leaving Fox News by the end of the week to pursue a career at NBC.

After 12 years at Fox News, Megyn Kelly has decided to make a change careerwise. The “Settle for More” author made the announcement herself on Tuesday, at the end of her show, The Kelly File. The 46-year-old expressed her gratitude for the experience she has had at Fox News, for the connection she has built with her crew and with her viewers. And even though she calls that “a kind of love”, she explains she needs to close this chapter in her life and focus on more “human connection”, especially when it comes to her children, who are 7,5 and 3.


Megyn Kelly announced on Tuesday that she will be moving from Fox News to NBC in order to spend more time with her kids.


Kelly went on unveiling that she has signed with NBC, where she will be hosting a daytime show along with the Sunday night news magazine. She will also make appearances on political talk shows, whenever the case.

NBC said that Megyn Helly’s daytime show will air Monday through Friday. The hours have not been determined yet.

When talking about her experience at Fox News, the 46-year-old lawyer-turned-journalist says she is deeply thankful to the television network for the opportunities given to her. “I have grown up here and been given every chance a young reporter could ever ask for.”

According to CNBC, Kelly was offered by Fox to continue under a contract of $20 million per year, which the journalist turned down, even though she did not get a matching offer from NBC. Fox owner, Rupert Murdoch, said money would not be an object in keeping Megyn Kelly. Indeed, money was not the issue. It appears that it as a matter of schedule.

Fox News admits the challenge of finding someone to replace Kelly, but draws the attention on the fact that many famous anchors have had short-lived success with daytime appearances. Former Today co-host Katie Couric lasted two years on an ABC daytime show. CNN’s Anderson Cooper lasted two seasons in daytime.

Nevertheless, Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch thanked Kelly for her 12-year contribution to Fox News and added: “We hope she enjoys tremendous success in her career and wish her and her family all the best.”