PETA announced they will protest on Friday, at the entrance in theaters where A Dog’s Purpose will premiere, over the abuse that the dog in the movie has been subjected to. A previously released video from the making of the movie sparked outrage among animal lovers.

A Dog’s Purpose is set to premiere on Friday, January 27. But a video released by TMZ on January 18 shows some disturbing footage that would set any animal rights supporter over the edge. The footage was taken from the set of the movie and shows a German Shepherd being pushed in rushing water while visibly resisting. The man in charge of that is seen making several attempts to get the dog into the water, unsuccessfully. After that, the video is cut. The next scene shows the same dog already in the water, while a voice is shouting “cut” and several people, including one that has been in the water throughout the scene, rush towards the dog.


The video released by TMZ was taken during the shooting of the movie A Dog’s Purpose.
Caption: TMZ


The American Humane Association representative who was present at the location during the shooting has been suspended.

Actor Josh Gad, who lends his voice to the dog character in the movie, was “shaken and sad to see any animal put in a situation against its will”, while the director of the movie, Lasse Hallström, tweeted several times on the incident, explaining that he was not there during the shooting, that he was “very disturbed by the video” and that he has been promised a “thorough investigation into this situation.” He also added that A Dog’s Purpose is his third film about dogs and that the animals safety has always been “of utmost priority”, Hallström himself being “ a lifelong animal lover.”



The filming crew explained that the dog, named Hercules, was agitated because they had changed the point of the entry and that he was not harmed.

PETA has confirmed to TMZ that they will boycott the premiere of A Dog’s Purpose. Representatives of the animal rights organization will shame anyone that shows up to buy tickets and enters the theater.