The Unicorn Latte – created by a café in Brooklyn called The End, this rainbow drink contains np coffee, even though it is called a latte. Instead, it hides some interesting ingredients that, mixed together, result in an almost magical taste. According to Mashable, The Unicorn Latte is a mix of ginger, lemon, coconut milk, honey and e3 live blue green algae. No wonder it is called a “healing latte” – one of the five that The End have on their menu. This unique drink is garnished with either vegan sprinkles or powder (turmenic or pomegranate) and has a golden horn…straw.

Price: $9

You know what really brightens up a rainy day ☔️? (Hint: ???) RG:

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The Unicorn Latte garnished with edible flowers.
Photo: The End/ Instagram


The “Antz” cocktail – as the name says it, this cocktail has to do with ants. And when we say “has to do”, that is just an indirect way of saying that it contains crushed ants. This bar from Singapore called Native, makes this cocktail than not only contains odd stuff, but also looks dangerous. If we say it is yogurt-based, will you change your reaction? Vijay Mudaliar, the owner of the bar and creator of the “Antz” cocktail explains that on top of the yogurt cup is placed a frozen leaf and on it are placed basil cubes and Thai ants. Customers chew the entire leaf and its contents before they drink the yogurt. Mashable tells more about it.

Price: $23

The “Antz” cocktail from Native bar, in Singapore
Photo: Victoria Ho/ Mashable



The Matcha Latte – the creation of Café Stella in Norfolk, Va., has been is the perfect combination health – of the purest type of green tea – and energy, provided by the forever popular coffee. This drink contains green matcha, steamed milk and a hint of vanilla.

Price: from $1.65 to $6

Tasty Matcha Latte, created by Café Stella in Norfolk, Va.