Mischa Barton

Actress Mischa Barton was behind the wheel of a U-Haul truck when she crashed it into an apartment building. The O.C. star was moving her belongings to a new place when the accident happened.

Mischa Barton was planning on moving from her West Hollywood apartment building to a new area, right below the Sunset Strip, according to TMZ. The website also reported that the 31-year-old had been driving the moving truck for several days before actually taking the road to her new place, on Saturday.

In the evening of February 11, Barton crashed the truck. She has put all her belongings from the old apartment into the U-Haul and got behind the wheel. But she did not calculate right the height of the carport, which led to slamming the U-Haul into the top support beam.

In the TMZ video, we can see Barton confused after the accident, saying: “Wow, what just happened?”. “It looks like it’s gonna fall through. This is really bad.” Barton continues: “Oh my God and everything I own is in this U-Haul.”

The video jumps to the moment when the police is already at the scene and are asking Barton is she is physically alright. She tells them she is fine.

The truck crash comes just a little over two weeks since the actress has been released from the hospital, where she was admitted for a mental evaluation.

It was January 25, during the morning hours, when police was called to Barton’s apartment to check-up on her as she was reportedly acting erratically, like she was on drugs. TMZ posted a short video of the actress before the police arrived. She was in the backyard of her apartment, dressed in a long shirt, she wearing a messy ponytail (or a messy bun) and was hanging over the fence with half her body, slurring words and calling her mother a witch, among other things said, that didn’t make much sense.

When the police officers arrived, they found Barton “fully clothed” and “coherent”, according to Sgt. Duncan, cited by People. She was in the company of another person, who was Barton’s guest. She willingly went to the hospital for an investigation of her mental state.

Upon release from the hospital, the next day, she revealed that the results of her tests indicated she had GHB in her system. GHB is also known as a “date rape drug”, which is poured usually in drinks and it acts like a depressant. The night before the incident, Barton was celebrating her 31st birthday.

According to TMZ, Mischa Barton’s neighbors claim she was acting in a disruptive manner often and had visits from the police every couple of months.

Barton cleaned her old apartment on Wednesday, but has not moved into the new one until this past weekend.