Despite the fact that Remy Ma denied having any problem with Nicki Minaj, the internet is talking a lot about the meaning of Minaj’s new songs verses, that seem to take shots at the 36-year-old rapper.

Gammy-nominated Remy Ma addressed rumors regarding a beef with feisty Nicki Minaj, earlier this month, at The Breakfast Club radio show. “If you look at the history of Remy Ma, whenever I’ve had a problem with any female in the entire game, I will say your name”, the rap artist said, dismissing the idea that she and Minaj have any scores to settle.

However, some verses in Nicki Minaj’s latest songs seem to be aimed at Ma. More precisely, on “Swalla”, which features TyDolla $ign, she says:

“I gave these bitches two years, now your time’s up

Bless her heart, she throwin’ shots, but every line sucks.”

Even though Remy is not named, many believe it aims at her and the time she was released from prison, in 2014.


In a different song, Gucci’s “Make Love”, Minaj raps:

“You the queen of this here?

One platinum plaque, album flopped, bitch, where?”

Remy Ma does have a platinum plaque which she got for the single “All The Way Up”, featuring Fat Joe.


In the same song, Minaj makes yet another reference to [possibly] Ma’s plaque:

“Silly wabbit, to be the queen of rap

You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques

S, plural.”


As if it weren’t enough, Minaj adds fuel with a recent post on Instagram, that refers directly to Remy Ma’s Platinum hit, “All The Way Up” and captures the post: “??‍♀️ yikes.”


And then she posted a black and white video on herself onstage. The voice of Beyonce , singing an acapella about Nicki, was added as the sound. “? she said *bey ?”, Minaj captioned this one.

Don’t think that, after this, Remy Ma remained silent. She posted this on Instagram, aimed directly at Minaj.

It’s on!