Hollywood star Antonio Banderas revealed recently that he had a heart attack earlier this year, The Associated Press reports. The actor, says it wasn’t serious, but then admits to having gone under the knife for a complicated surgery.

On Saturday, March 25, actor Antonio Banderas spoke to the Spanish press at a film festival, which took place in Malaga. He revealed that he had suffered a heart attack. It was January 26, when he was admitted to the hospital but, according to him “it wasn’t serious”.

Even though a heart attack is nothing but serious, the movie star meant that “it hasn’t caused any damage” and minimized it as a reaction of the media earlier this year, which, in his view, was exaggerated. “It hasn’t been as dramatic as some have written”, he explained.

However, the Mask of Zorro star added that the condition did cause him to undergo surgical intervention to have three stents placed in his arteries.

The 56-year-old seems to have recovered quite quickly, as his Instagram feed on January 30 shows him enjoying nature after a startle” – hinting, of course, to the heart attack.

Disfrutando de la naturaleza tras un pequeño susto. Enjoying nature after a startle. Besos.

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At the Saturday festival in Malaga, Antonio Banderas was presented with an award for lifetime achievements as an actor, director and producer. He attended the event with his girlfriend, Nikole Kimpel.

“Recuerdo numero 1 de una noche inolvidable” (“1st memory of an unforgettable night”) he captioned a photo he posted on Instagram.

‪"Recuerdo numero 1 de una noche inolvidable" #20FestivalMálaga ‬#Málaga

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Antonio Banderas is currently filming for Life Itself, an American-Spanish drama, also starring Oscar Isaac, Olivia Cooke, Anette Bening, Samuel L. Jackson and Olivia Wilde.

Meanwhile, his most recent movie was released in April 2016. Altamira, a Spanish drama, tells the story of some controversial cave paintings from the stone age that were discovered  in the Cave of Altamira, in the town Santillana del Mar, Spain.