Oh, the joy of having April Fools Day knocking on our door… The best pranks are the ones that everyone laughs at.  If you have run out of ideas or haven’t even thought of any yet, thy there pranks, on …practically anyone.


A bugging situation

Draw (or print a photo of) a life-size bug on a piece of paper. Color it black and cut it with a good pair of scissors, paying close attention when you cut around the antennas and the legs, which must be very thin. Stick it on the inside of a lamp shade and voila! Now all you have to do if wait for the victim to turn on the lamp.

April Fools Day comes with a bug or two…


No mouse in da house

This is really easy to do and you don’t even have to be too creative or crafty. Stick a piece of paper on the flat side of the mouse – if you don’t want to be responsible for replacing the “victim’s” mouse, we suggest you use tape, or a type of sticker that can be effortlessly removed. On the paper, draw, write, or have printed something funny, like a meme, a funny message, an emoticon, or whatever else you can think of.




Soap Opera?!

Ok, this is also very easy to achieve and quite quick. All you need is a soap and clear nail polish. The soap must be completely dry. Paint the whole surface of the soap with the transparent nail polish and leave it to dry (you have to do one side, then make sure it has dried before turning it on the other side and proceed the same way). Place the soap where it belongs. The next person in the shower will wonder…bubbles are not what they used to be.


True work of art



Don’t leave this April Fools Day pass by without playing a [harmless] prank on someone!