The shooters at the Haverstock Hills Apartments in Houston, where Brandy Rusher was critically injured, are now on the run. While the ANTM contestant is still in the ICU, police have issued an arrest warrant for two men.

Houston police states that the shooters at the Haverstock Hills Apartments, in Harris County, where four people were wounded, have been identified. The two men are brothers and their names are Jeremy Jones – 28-years-old and Harvey Jones – 34-years-old.


Jeremy Jones (left) and Harvey Jones (right) are not in police custody at this moment.


According to ABC News, Harvey has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, while Jeremy is charged with capital murder, being responsible for the death of two people: 33-year-old Christopher Beatty, and 31-year-old Gary Rusher.

The bloodbath occurred on Sunday evening, after a heavy argument started between the Jones brothers and a group of people, among which America’s Next Top Model finalist Brandy Rusher. The brothers arrived at the complex in a white car, driven by a third man, who is currently unidentified. When the argument got heated, one of the brothers, most likely, Jeremy Jones went to the car, took out a semiautomatic weapon from the trunk and started shooting at the victims. Harvey Jones was holding a gun as well and pointed it to the victims, but according to police investigation he did not shoot.

Jeremy Jones killed two people and injured four others. One of the men who died at the scene, Gary Rusher, was Brandy’s brother.

The Jones brothers are not in police custody at the moment. They are on the run. Anyone who has any information that might be useful in locating them can call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit at 713-274-9100. Also, anonymous tips can be left at 713-222-TIPS, or by filing the information on

Brandy Rusher is still in intensive care at present.

The model was a contestant – and a finalist! – on the 4th season of the reality competition America’s Next Top Model. She is a single mom to a five-month-old son.

Brandy Rusher has been shot on Sunday, March 26. She is still in critical condition.
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