Fetty Wap was robbed and attacked by an alleged nemesis.
Photo: Instagram

Over the weekend, Fetty Wap was robbed in Patterson, New Jersey by an alleged nemesis. Shots were fired just minutes after the robbery and police found victims at the scene. The man the officers arrested has been having an old ongoing beef with the rapper, sources claim.

What happened Sunday in Paterson, New Jersey was horrendous and confusing. Police were called at round 5 p.m. after a fight sparked and guns were shot. Officers were dispatched to Montclair Ave and Paxton Street, where they have found two men wounded – one had a gun shot in his leg and the other one was injured in the torso.

According to a TMZ report, there was a third victim, whim checked himself into Hackensack Medical Center.

Rapper Fetty Wap was not among those three men who sustained injuries, fact that places him outside the gun fight. However, the musician was robbed, close to the gunshot scene, just minutes earlier. The robber – or robbers – took his “1738” signature chain and money from him.

According to NJ.com, a man was already arrested. Raheem Thomas was identified as the shooter, according to a statement made by the chief of Patterson Police, Jerry Speziale.

The beef seems to have started “inside the deli when a group that included Willie Maxwell (Fetty Wap) became involved in a heated altercation with another group that entered the deli a short time after Maxwell’s arrival”, Speziale explained.

A firearm was first shot in the deli, wounding one man. It continued on the streets, where two other men were shot.

While the investigation is ongoing, the shooter is facing charges of aggravated assault and weapon possession.

At age 25, Fetty Wap is already a father of three and has been in trouble with the law at least since July 2015. At that time, the rapper was involved in the attack of a cashier in a supermarket. A video recording obtained by TMZ shows a group of people, among which the “Trap Queen” rapper, who repeatedly struck the supermarket’s employee, while others are trying to break them up.

Wap did not comment on the incident yet, but sources speaking to TMZ claim that he knew the shooter. He and Thomas had “deep rooted” disagreements over music deals and Thomas’ gang warned the rapper to stay out of Paterson. Not an easy thing to do, considering that Wap is a Paterson native.

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