Fetty Wap’s nemesis has been arrested following the robbery and shooting in Paterson, New Jersey, on Sunday. Police detained Raheem Thomas, also known as Fuzz, for gun possession. Here is the bloodbath aftermath.


Fetty Wap’s crew fired first, in the Paterson bloodbath on Sunday.


The shootout that occurred on Sunday at a deli in Paterson New Jersey is still under investigation and new details fill in the blanks and shift the outsider perspective every time.

The first information that the media reported was that rapper Fetty Wap has been robbed and minutes later there were guns fired in that same area, without making a clear connection between the two incidents, but mentioning that he was not wounded.

As the story developed, police officials stated that three men were injured by firearms and taken to hospital. They have arrested a man named Raheem Thomas, who knew Fetty Wap and had old scored to settle.

Mugshot of Raheem Thomas, alias Fuzz.

As it turns out, Thomas and Wap (real name Willie Maxwell) are part of rival crews and their beef was over music deals. Moreover, Thomas, who also goes by the name Fuzz, warned Maxwell to not come to Paterson.

Last Sunday, Fuzz’s crew followed Fetty Wap’s crew into the deli, where an altercation quickly sparked. Witnesses reported that one of Fuzz’s men robbed Wap from his 1738 signature chain and some cash. The others jumped Fetty’s crew. One of Fetty’s men fired the gun. Both camps opened fire and two Fuzz crew men were injured. A third man from his crew, the one who first fired a gun, tried to run away, but the gun at his waistband didn’t have the safety on and released a bullet into his thigh.

Raheem Thomas is now jailed and is facing gun possession and assault charges. According to prosecutors, he did not personally shoot.

TMZ reports that Fuzz gave a hate speech on the radio against his nemesis, Fetty Wap in December 2016. He called the 25-year-old rapper “gay a**” for “blackballing” him and his artists called Muscle Team.