Supernatural star Jared Padalecki and his wife of seven years, Genevieve Cortese welcomed their first baby girl, named Odette, on St. Patrick’s Day.


Jared Padalecki and wife Genevieve Cortese have added a baby girl to their family of four. The couple also has two boys.
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Baby Odette was born on Friday, March 17. But mom Genevieve and Dad Jared didn’t rush to share the news until yesterday. The proud mommy posted on Instagram, yesterday. First, she hinted to the baby having been born with a funny card captioned “sh*t just got real”, which apparently expressed her mood at the time.

Current mood 💩 #HappySunday

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And a little later we got to see a tender moment between mother and newborn daughter. “Please welcome the newest Padalecki, Odette Elliott!!”

Cortese also used the occasion to promote a good cause: “I wanted to celebrate this special occasion by collaborating with one of my favorite brands, @popandsuki, to raise funds for two amazing causes: Planned Parenthood and Human Rights Campaign.” More, in her Instagram caption of this adorable mother-baby moment:

Odette is the couple’s first daughter, but she is the third child. 34-yar-old Jared and 36-year-old Gen also share two sons: 5-year-old Thomas and 3-year-old Shepherd.

Jared and Gen met on the set of the television series that kept him famous – it wouldn’t have been right to say “made him famous, as it was Gilmore Girls who did that job – Supernatural. Gen was a guest star in the fantasy series: she played the demon Ruby on the fourth season of the show.

The coupled tied the knot in February 2010, in Sun Valley Idaho.

Padalecki returned to Gilmore Girls briefly last year, as Dean Forester, in the episode called “Fall”.

Genevieve Cortese is mostly known for her starring role on the television series Wildfire, which aired on ABC Family between June 2005 and May 2008.