In court documents filed earlier this month, Jay Mohr says that his soon-to-be-ex-wife Nikki Cox is mentally ill and he is requesting sole custody of their son, 5-year-old Meredith Daniel.


Jay Mohr says that Nikki Cox is not dealing with her mental issues.


Court documents filed by Jay Mohr on March 10 were recently obtained by People. In the documents, the actor was requesting for full custody of his son, Meredith Daniel, explaining that his wife and mother of the boy, actress Nikki Cox, has mental issues that harm the family life.

Mohr alleges that Cox is abusing drugs and is mentally unstable, having behaviors that were not only worrisome, but more than that. Here is what he states she did:

  • She abused drugs
  • She locked herself in the bedroom for two days, neglecting her son
  • She left the oven on overnight, while she and Meredith were asleep
  • She threatened with suicide at least two times
  • She rarely sleeps
  • She is not addressing her mental health issues


Mohr states that their living situation has become “extremely confusing and untenable; and, our son is suffering.”

The actor is seeking sole physical custody, but has nothing against joint legal custody. He believes Cox should receive visitation rights, but that the visits should occur only in the presence of a monitor.

According to the stories Mohr wrote in the filing, Meredith was initially very much out of her son’s life, but since July last year, she has been more present. Even though he gives her credit for that, he stresses that she does not make good parenting decisions.

“When I have checked on Meredith in the middle of the night, I have walked into the master bedroom to see Meredith and Nikki awake at 2:00 a.m, watching cartoons and eating candy.”

He calls their current living situation “a toxic environment” and concludes that even though he still loves Nikki, he does not want to continue being married to her.

The New-Jersey native filed for divorce, from his wife of nearly 10 years, in July of last year.

Jay Mohr, 46, and Nikki Cox, 38, married in 2006 in Los Angeles. They had met on the set of the TV series Las Vegas.