Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in 2013.
Source: Flickr

Hollywood’s Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck call of their divorce, according to sources, who say the couple wants to give it a second chance.

44-year-old Ben Affleck was almost a divorcee. He and wife Jennifer Garner were handling their divorce and raising their children as two adults who were not romantically involved anymore, when this happens! By “this” we don’t mean exactly the “how” that glued them back together, because that is not out in the open yet.

As People reports, it is not the actors that have officially announced the news, but sources close to them. According to these sources, Garner has “called off the divorce”. She decided, apparently, that “she really wants to work things out with Ben.”

Another source tells the magazine, which tells the whole story in its latest issue, that Jennifer and Ben still love each other and, well, there’s just too much love to go wasted. And enough to halt the divorce.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced they had separated almost two years ago. However, they continued to live and raise their three children under the same roof. They went on vacation together, celebrated holidays as a family and doing pretty much what a traditional family does, except for the fact that the two parents were not romantically linked anymore.

In October 2016, Affleck opened-up about co-parenting after separation.

Despite being able to manage that for the most part, recently, the Nine Lives actress, had decided to file for divorce and move on with her life. “Jen was telling friends that she plans on filing for divorce”, someone from her entourage was saying at the time, explaining that she just wanted put her marriage with Affleck behind “and focus on the happy things in her life. She was exhausted from all the ups and downs”.