Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin admits that he is currently a stripper in Atlantic City, ET reports. The former reality star says he never imagined he would ever do this.

ET recently interviewed Jon Gosselin, to catch-up with the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star. The 39-year-old confirmed rumors that, aside from being a DJ, he was also stripping in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Aside from being a DJ, Jon Gosselin will also be a stripper, starting April 1st.
Caption: ET


“I work at Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey”, Gosselin said. He added that he was a member of the Senate DJ group and he handles Promotion. He added that even though he works as a DJ, he find Promotion more rewarding on a financial level, but also on an emotional level. “I like taking care of people and making others feel welcome”, the entertainer explained.

As for the stripping part, he reveals that he is part of the nightclub’s show called Men Untamed Revue Show. He hasn’t done that yet, he is supposed to start on April 1st. “I’m an integral part of the show”, he confirmed, calling the experience “a blessing”, as he feels like he is part of a fraternity.

“Since I joined Senate DJ I’ve felt like I belong to something and I’m not just out there on my own”.

Asked if being a stripper was something he ever imagined he would be doing, Gosselin said: “No way!”

Jon Gosselin and his former wife, Kate Gosselin became known through their reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, which aired from 2007 on Discovery Health and from 2008 on TLC. The couple divorced in 2009 and Jon left the show, which was renamed Kate Plus 8. The show is still airing, in the new formula: mother Kate Gosselin, 16-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn and 12-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Collin and Joel. Collin has a bit of an interesting story though, because, as Jon says in the ET interview below, Kate told him that his son is in a special needs school and can’t be reached.