Justin Bieber is seen on video, telling a girl fan who wanted to take a selfie with him: “You make me sick!” The singer was in Australia, on his “Purpose” tour.


Justin Bieber is fed up with taking photos with fans.


An amateur phone video recording shows Justin Bieber turning down a fan in an insensitive and disrespectful manner. The 23-year-old was getting out of the hotel he stayed at and ready to hop in his car, when he was approached by a girl asking him to take a selfie with her.

“Look at your respect level”, the Love Yourself singer replied, turning her down. But the girl insisted: “Come on”, she said.

Bieber responded (or just continued what he started saying a few seconds earlier, we’re not sure): “… Look at you! …You make me sick!”

He then continued to eat from what looks like an ice-cream cup and disappeared into the car.


While Bieber was disgusted with the fan’s plea to take a selfie with her, the fan’s mother was disgusted with him. “My daughter was bawling her eyes out. She was dying to meet him, and then he humiliated her”, the mother said adding that Bieber has just lost a fan, as her daughter will no longer go to his concerts.

Last year, the Sorry singer expressed his disappointment with regard on how he is being treated and saying he was done taking pictures with fans. He said people see him as “ a zoo animal”, rushing to capture him in photos, without establishing any contact with the human side in him.

“It has gotten to the point that people won’t even say hi to me or recognize me as a human, I feel like a zoo animal, and I wanna be able to keep my sanity”, he wrote on Instagram in May 2016.

Bieber has been trying to connect with fans – and failed – several times. Back in October, during a performance in Manchester, UK, he became annoyed at fan screaming while he was trying to have a conversation with them. Annoyed at the failed attempt, he dropped the mike and walked off the stage.

His latest attempt of ditching the “zoo animal” approach from fans was last week when, instead of photos, Bieber was more than willing to receive and give hugs to his fans. He posted on Instagram a number of photos with him in a crowd, enjoying hugs and probably that “human connection” he so strives to promote.

Let's hug each other more

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Let's hug each other more

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Everyone needs to just hug more

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