8-year-old Maddie Aldridge, the daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears and niece of the more famous Britney Spears, spent last Monday at Disney World, one month after the ATV scare. The little girl si slowly, but surely, forgetting the trauma she went through.


Jamie Watson, Jamie Lynn Spears and Maddie Aldridge at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Source: Instagram


This past Monday, the extended Spears family embarked on a colorful day at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Britney Spears and her two sons, 11-year-old Sean and 10-year-old Jayden, were accompanied by their cousin, 8-year-old Maddie, her mom, Jamie Lynn and her husband, Jamie Watson.

The family appears to be having a blast, from the photos posted on social media.

Jamie Lynn posted a photo of her, Maddie and Watson in front of the Disney Castle, on Instagram:

Day 1❤️Disney 2017❤️

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“Great day with the fam “, Britney captioned a photo of a dessert-drink at the Planet Hollywood Observatory.

Great day with the fam 🌺🌺🌺💜💜💜💜🌸💜💙💙💙🌸 Thanks @planethollywoodintl!!

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On February 14, Lynn posted on Instagram that Maddie was still in recovery from her ATV accident, but that didn’t stop them to celebrate St. Valentine’s. Even though, traditionally, it was Lynn who made the sweet treats for Maddie to pass around, in the light of the recent events, she was unable to make handle it herself this year. “We are so thankful to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ones we love, and we don’t take a second of it for granted”, she wrote.


Maddie was rushed to the hospital in early February, after the ATV she was driving on the family property entered a ditch and flipped over, blocking the child with her head underwater for several minutes. Her parents’ quick reaction and the promptitude of the paramedics helped avoid a tragedy. Even though she remained in hospital in critical condition after having been deprived from oxygen, Maddie fully recovered.

Last week, Jamie Lynn opened-up about the nightmare she went through following her daughter’s accident. “A month ago, at this time, I was living a mother’s/anyone’s worst nightmare happening right in front of my eyes, helplessly,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m not one to preach, but we were shown God’s grace, and we still feel undeserving of His mercy”, she added, thanking everyone once again for their prayers and good wishes.