When Maxine Waters was mocked for her appearance by Fox News host Bill O’Rilley, it sparked an angry backlash on social media from around the U. S. and not only. People were outraged by the bad joke.

This was happening on Tuesday, March 28. Television host Bill O’Rilley laughed at the appearance of Maxine Waters, the U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district. He joked that her hair looked like a “James Brown wig”. His comment became viral instantly and women started protesting on social media.

O’Rilley apologized soon after. “I made that mistake this morning on ‘Fox & Friends.’ I said in a simple jest that the congresswoman’s hair distracted me”, the Fox News host in apology to Waters, which he made publicly, on TV. “Well, that was stupid. I apologize. It had no place in the conversation.”


Maxine Waters(left) and April Ryan(right)


Oddly enough, later that same day, White House press secretary Sean Spicer also made a remark to a woman. During a press briefing, he told reporter April Ryan: Please, stop shaking your head again.” His remark unleashed another wave of angry reactions on social media. Black women sounded off on Twitter in support of Maxine Waters and April Ryan. Activist Brittany Packnett urged people to tweet under #BlackWomenAtWork. She posted: “This happens to black women everyday at work”.


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Hillary Clinton gave a speech on Tuesday evening on everyday sexism and mentioned the earlier moments of Waters and Ryan. “Just look at all that’s happened in the last two days to women who were simply doing their jobs”, she said, adding that especially women of color are the target of “these kinds of indignities in stride.” She continued: “But any woman who thinks this couldn’t be directed at her is living in a dream world.”