Mercedes Benz recalls 1 million cars for fire risk during the engine start. The company has not reported any severe injuries or deaths related to the issue. See the list of the recalled models below!

51 Mercedes-Benz vehicles burst into flames, due to faulty fuse, reports. Of these, 30 cases of were reported into the United States.

Of the million vehicles that the motor giant has recalled, 307,629 were from the U.S. Moreover, the models that have not left the dealerships, but bare the same risk, will not be sold anymore. Those, too, will be sent back for repairs.

Mercedes-Benz informs that the fire starts when the driver turns on the engine but it fails to start. Several attempts of starting the vehicle causes it to catch fire. The failure to start is believed to be triggered by a problem of the engine or of the transmission.


Mercedes Benz recalls 1 million cars for fire risk during the engine start.


As a result of the incidents, there were no injuries or death reported.

Over the course of April, Mercedes will send out notices to all the owners of the following models: CLA-, C-, and E-Class sedans, and GLA- and GLC-Class crossovers.

German company Daimler AG, who spoke to Gulf News on Monday about the recall in United Arab Emirates, explained that the fix takes about one hour per vehicle. The company went on explaining how the fire is started:

“The starting current limiter could be overloaded under certain conditions during the starting procedure. In case the starter would be blocked due to a previously occurred damage (for instance, hydrolocked engine), a very high electric current would flow through the starting current limiter during the following start attempt”.

The same information is given by Mercedes-Benz South Africa, also confirming that fixing the problem should not take more than an hour per vehicle.